metals we buy

All commodities will be graded accurately and appropriately priced.

Information about some of the metals we buy are below:

Copper #1 and #2

The main difference between copper #1 and #2 is the contaminants from each other. Copper #1 is a clean copper pipe or tubing without paint, attachments, or solder. If the metal contains those properties, it’s classified as copper #2. 

Bare bright copper, as the name suggests, is bright and shiny without any  insulation.  


An alloy derived from copper and zinc, brass can also come in many different shapes; having additional portions of each element will determine its color and value. The most common is  yellow brass.  

Yellow brass must be clean of contaminants such as iron, plastic, insulation,  etc. This brass has many shapes and uses, such as plate, rods, tubing, cast, and more. A great way to see if a metal is brass is to scratch the outer surface. If it’s yellow, it’s probably brass. 

Irony brass (25%, 50%, or 75% clean) is brass with attachments. The percentage represents how much brass there is vs any non-brass parts. The cleaner it is, the better the price.  

Insulated copper wire 

Insulated copper wire is described as a wire composed of copper and insulated or to protect electric current. Insulated copper wire can be found in most electronics. The higher the recovery in  copper, the better it pays. Household electrical wire has some of the best recovery therefore that is considered #1 insulated copper wire. Extensions and drop cords, harness wire found in cars, Christmas lights, etc., are all considered #2 insulated copper wire because of their lower recovery. Any insulated copper wire plated to a different material than the copper is considered  #2 insulated copper wire, regardless of its recovery.  

Stainless steel  

This alloy derives from iron and is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Some of its components are 11% chromium. Also, it may contain elements such as carbon, other nonmetals, and metals to obtain other desired properties. These items include stainless-steel sinks, pots and pans,  cabinets, and more.  


One of the most versatile elements, aluminum is in most of our products including UBCs (Used Beverage Cans) which are most typically beer and soda cans, aluminum wheels, and single-piece, un-plated aluminum alloy.

Please call for industrial pricing

Scrap Metal:$6.50/100 lbs
Vehicles:$8.00/100 lbs
Bare Bright Copper :$3.05/lb
#1 Copper:$2.98/lb
#2 Copper:$2.84/lb
Light Copper:$2.70/lb
Old Sheet AI:$0.42/lb
AI Breakage:$0.18/lb
AI Cast:$0.40/lb
AI Wheel:$0.70/lb
Chrome Wheel:$0.50/lb
Yellow Brass:$1.89/lb
Irony Brass (75%):$1.04/lb
Electric Motors:$0.30/lb
Sealed Units:$0.25/lb
Insulated Wire #1:$1.90-$2.21/lb
Insulated Wire #2:$0.70-$1.14/lb
Harness Wire:$1.29/lb
Xmas Wire:$0.31/lb
Batteries (PB):$0.20/lb
Stainless Steel:$0.11/lb
UBCs (Used Beverage Cans):$0.55/lb